Chief Financial Officer

Kampala, Central Region, Uganda · Finance


Title: Chief Financial Officer

Reporting To: Chief Executive Officer

Job Opening: August 11, 2017

Application Deadline: September 22, 2017

Job Summary:

Tugende is hiring a CFO to join our leadership team and drive growth as we continue to build the leading productive asset finance company across East Africa. Our core values are Empathy, Always Growing, Work as a Team, Solutions Oriented, and Integrity. In addition to meeting our core values and a history of excellent performance, the successful candidate will have:

--Corporate finance experience: negotiating, structuring and executing investment transactions, preferably both from the operating company (investee), and investor/advisory services side of the table.

--Demonstrated excellence in leading a team of high achieving finance professionals in a fast growing company, including accounting/financial operations and financial analysis and research.

--Expert financial modeling, analysis and research skills, with emphasis on growth planning and risk management, preferably with experience doing this in the context of a financing business.

Profile - Example backgrounds for strong candidates include:

--serving as a CFO, or directly reporting to a CFO in a company that has successfully sourced capital in East Africa,

--experience in M&A, capital raising, and investment structuring with a top fund, consultancy or advisory services business,

--experience with lending/financing operations and accounting and auditing standards in East Africa.

Company Overview

Tugende is building the leading productive asset finance company across East Africa. Our flagship product helps motorcycle taxi drivers own their own motorcycles in nineteen months or less instead of renting indefinitely. Ownership significantly increases income, job security and road safety. Across Uganda, and many other emerging markets, motorcycles help drive the economy, mitigating traffic jams and bad roads as well as offering hundreds of thousands of jobs for those with little formal education.

Tugende is proving that millions of self-employed entrepreneurs can receive credit to own the equipment they use to provide for their families, even without credit histories, collateral, and in industries considered high risk by traditional lenders.

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Tugende means “let’s go” and both signifies our mission and is the actual phrase used when climbing on a motorcycle taxi.

We currently serve over 4,000 customers across 7 offices, with 7,000 total customers already served. We plan to expand to at least 10 locations in Uganda over the next 1-2 years and then to regional neighbors including Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. .

Beyond geographic growth, our future will include financing multiple income-generating products, expanding value-added services like insurance (which we currently offer), and implementing cutting-edge technology for credit scoring to help us reach millions of customers without losing high touch personal support.

The Successful Candidate:

Tugende is looking for an experienced finance professional to join our Executive Management Team and to lead our Finance team. The successful candidate should have a desire to dive into Tugende’s challenging business environment and lead our crucial finance division, with an aim to raising over $20M in the next 2 years, growing geographically and into new products, and preparing to list in East Africa in the next 5 years.

Today we are growing quickly and are expanding our team (of 120+), our branch network (incl. into other countries in East Africa), and our portfolio of assets.

The Position:

The position will be based in Kampala and will report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CFO will provide both strategic and operational support to the organization and will provide input on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy & Planning

Serve as a key leader in the formulation and execution of Tugende’s strategic direction.

Finance Operations

Oversee the day-to-day functioning of the Finance department:

Treasury Management

Monitor Tugende’s cash position.

Corporate Finance

Arrange for additional funding, as necessary, optimize existing investment mix, and play a key role in investor relations.

Risk Management

Understand the current and potential risks to which Tugende is subjected and take steps to mitigate them.

Professional Development

Continually update finance-related knowledge and skills by:


Must have:

Very helpful:


What will you gain?

Hours and compensation: This position is for a full-time employee who can take on additional responsibilities as new tasks and projects come up.

Meaningful Work: Tugende’s work gives entrepreneurs the tools to earn a living for themselves and their families. We are changing the face of the boda industry in Uganda, and proving that young men with little education can take on the responsibility of financing a significant asset and earning a liveable wage. Help be part of this movement!

Great Team: Tugende has a smart, fun, and growing team of 120 Employees. We take our work seriously, but love to joke and have fun. We regularly have fully-paid, voluntary team outings, as well as fun parties for our clients. Our headquarters are in Kampala, and we also have offices in Eastern and Western Uganda.

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